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3 September 2016

The Waterfalls: I finally got around to reorganizing the gallery, which has been long overdue. Most of the old stuff is still there, just been moved around and cleaned up a bit. I've also scanned a whole backlog of books that I've been procrastinating on, namely: the Illustrated Classic Edition movie book, the Mouseworks movie book, the Read-Along movie books, the smaller Brimark & Ladybird movie books, three Scholastic Princess books, one Disney Princess short story (A Little Mischief), the Enchanted Stories comics, excerpts from the Enchanted Character Guide & Disney Villains books, a Disney Princess magazine story (Friends Forever), and a few more activity/colouring pages.

21 August 2016

Daring to Dream: It looks like the live-action film version of Ariel's story is happening after all, which is something to look forward to soon! On the comics page I've added "The Christmas Spirit" comic, plus I've added scans from four more books of the Treasure Chest series ("The Big Switch", "Castles in the Sand", "A Charmed Life", and "Cheer Up, Sebastian") and excerpts from Disney Villains: Delightfully Evil to the gallery. Over on the section of other mermaids, there's new pages for Mad About Men and Peter Pan no Bouken.

29 May 2016

Daring to Dream: At time of writing this, the Little Mermaid Hollywood Bowl concert with Sara Bareilles and Jodi Benson is a few days away, and hopefully there'll be some cool news and tidibits for fans that didn't get to attend. Here on Daring to Dream I've added a bunch more stuff to the gallery, namely scans from two books ("Ariel is My Babysitter" and "Flounder Loves Ariel"), one more Disney Princess comic, a few more colouring pages, and a few more activity pages. Over on the section of Other Mermaids, I've added The New Adventures of Peter Pan and Stephen Chow's Mermaid.

20 March 2016

Daring to Dream: I've started scanning in books from the Grolier Treasure Chest series, and to start with four books have been added to the gallery ("Another Fine Mess", "Ariel's Painting Party", "As Fun As You Feel" and "Bee Nice") with the rest to follow soon. I've also added scans from Ariel's Song, a sticker activity book that doubles as a movie retelling picturebook, plus a few more pages from various Princess colouring books. To the section on Other Mermaids, there are new pages for the mermaids of Camp Lakebottom and 2015's Peter & Wendy.

25 January 2016

Daring to Dream has the synopsis and scans from the last three novels, so that page is now complete! Other additions to the gallery are the colouring pages from Ariel and the Sparkle Fish, scans from movie picturebook adapation Ariel's Underwater Adventure, and scans from the last chapter of the Storybook Treasury, Sebastian's Medal of Honour, which is an adaptation of series episode "The Great Sebastian". To the section of Other Mermaids, I've added pages for Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King and 2015's Pan.

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