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18 February 2018

Daring to Dream: I did some way overdue clean-up over on the TV series page, organizing stuff and adding pages for the episodes Marriage of Inconvenience, Resigned to It, Tail of Two Crabs and King Crab. The Descendants page has been updated to include some info about the tie-in book The Rise of Isle of the Lost. Over in the gallery there's a bunch of new additions: scans from two Disney Princess comics, one Disney Princess story, three activity pages, and excerpts from "Emoji Super-Smiley Activities" and "Disney's Who's Who". Thanks to a submission from a visitor, I've added images from fourteen Russian comics (thank you again!). Over in the music section, I've added lyrics and samples for Debbie Shapiro Gravitte's covers of Part of Your World and Poor Unfortunate Souls. Plus, I've added Wolves, Witches and Giants to the section on other TLM adaptations, and a whole bunch of others to the Other Mermaids section: A Mermaid's Tale, Barbie: Dolphin Magic, Ocean Girl, Peter Pan and the Pirates, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and She's From Another Planet.

10 September 2017

Daring to Dream: Descendants 2 aired a while back, and since it features a TLM-related character (Uma, the daughter of Ursula), I've made a page for the movie, plus added the lyrics for the film's songs that feature Uma, i.e. What's My Name, It's Goin' Down, Kiss the Girl, and Poor Unfortunate Souls. Over in the gallery I've added scans for two books ("Ariel Makes Waves" and "Ariel is Fearless"), a few more Disney Princess colouring pages, the colouring book Undersea ABC, and two colouring/activity books. While over in the ever-expanding section of other mermaids, I've added pages for Little Bear, The Lure, and Voltron: Legendary Defender.

2 July 2017

Daring to Dream: Ariel made another appearance on the ABC television show Once Upon a Time, so I've added a synopsis and screencaps to that section. The gallery has been updated with the final page for the Grolier Treasure Chest series ("Scuttle's Final Flight", "A Slippery Deck", "An Undersea Wish" and "Whistles and Doubloons"), one new Disney Princess comic, one new Disney Princess graphic, one new Disney Princess story, a couple of new activity pages, the colouring pages from a 1989 Paint with Water colouring book, and three excerpted pages from the A Celebration of the World of Disney. To the misc section, I've added a page for the 2016 live-action Little Mermaid, and the mermaid of Bewitched.

19 March 2017

Daring to Dream: It's not much, but I've made a page for Little Mermaid's Island, the Jim Henson show that only had two non-aired episodes. I've added more stuff to the gallery, namely page 5 of scans from the Grolier Treasure Chest series ("How Does Your Garden Grow?", "The Magic Melody", "Paradise Island" and "Scared Silly"), excerpts from the Dear Princess book, two Disney Princess stories, two Disney Princess graphics, a couple of activity pages, and a couple of colouring pages. In the music section, I've added a lising for the Songs and Story album, along with audio samples for its covers for Part of Your World and Beyond My Wildest Dreams, and of Sierra Boggess's cabaret rendition of Part of Your World from her album Awakening: Live at 54 Below. Over in the misc section, the Annie Leibovitz photo page now includes the Queen Latifah-as-Ursula photo, there's a page for an anime adaptation of TLM called The Mermaid Princess, and a page for the mermaids of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

The Waterfalls: The gallery has been updated with scans from two books ("Meet the Characters" and "Pocahontas and the Baby Eagle") and three more activity pages. Over on the soundtrack page I've added listings and audio samples for the "On the Record" covers of "Colours of the Wind/Just Around the Riverbend" and "If I Never Knew You", plus Tori Kelly's cover of "Colours of the Wind" from "We Love Disney". I've also made a page in the misc section for the Annie Leibovitz Disney Dreams Portrait with Jessica Biel.

13 November 2016

Daring to Dream: I've put up page four of scans from the Grolier Treasure Chest series ("Flounder's Folly, "Flounder, My Hero", "The Good Sport", and "Her Majesty, Ariel"), plus scans from a Short Stories book and a few more colouring pages. On the movie page I added a listings of all the extras in the Platinum and Diamond Edition DVD/Blu-Rays, and on the videos page I added a link for the Sebastian's Party Gras! concert that was released on video in 1992 (I didn't upload that, just to be clear!). Over in the Other Mermaids section, I've added pages for Ever After High and Rosario + Vampire.
I did a bunch of additions and clean-up on the music page. The original soundtrack and the Legacy Collection soundtrack now have info on the instrumental tracks in their sections, and that info has also been separated onto its own instrumentals page for quick reference. I previously forgot to add the lyrics and audio samples for the demo tracks of the Legacy Collection album, so I've done that, namely for Fathoms Below, The Daughters of Triton, and Part of Your World. For Ursula's stage musical song Daddy's Little Angel, I've added audio samples from the Dutch, Japanese and Russian recordings, seeing as the song has yet to be included on an English-language recording. I've also added listings for some albums I missed before, i.e. the 10th Anniversary album rerelease (including lyrics + audio sample of Shaggy's Under the Sea cover), the Shell We Dance? compilation album, and On the Record (including its covers of Under the Sea, Part of Your World, Poor Unfortunate Souls, Kiss the Girl, and Les Poissons), and The Little Mermaid: Favorites compilation album.

The Waterfalls: Over on the videos page I've added links to the two behind-the-scenes featurettes on the making of the movie, one hosted by Irene Bedard and the other by David Ogden Stiers. In the gallery I've added scans from the six Grolier books (Little Mischief, A Boy Across the Sea, The Hidden Village, On the High Seas, Keep an Eye on Meeko, and A Long Way Home) and the two more books (An Unlikely Pair and Into the Forest).

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