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30 September 2018

General notice! I still have the yahoogroup to send notices when this website is updated, but that's a bit dated and harder to access these days. So I've set up a new one, scroll down to subcribe. The old one will still be active, and I'll be sharing the same content on both mailing lists.

Daring to Dream: A "Twisted Tales" book for The Little Mermaid just came out, so I've made a page for that and the "Villains" book in Expanded Universe Novels section (wasn't sure what else to call it, so here we are). I've made a long-overdue update to the characters page, which now includes as many TV series and prequel characters and their voice actors as I could manage. The Descendants franchise got a new short with Uma, so I've made a small update to the Descendants page to include that. Over in the gallery I've added scans from the books I am Ariel, Dinglehoppers and Thingamabobs, The Evilest of Them All and some new colouring pages. In the music section I've added lyrics and audio samples for Olivia Newton-John's Part of Your World and the Karaoke Series album. In the Other Mermaids sections there's new pages for Tangled: The Series, One Piece, The Legend of the Blue Sea, H2O: Mermaid Adventures, and My Fairy Tail Love Story.

The Waterfalls: Added another Disney Princess short story, Lost and Found, to the gallery.

29 July 2018

Daring to Dream: I've finally gotten up pages for the TV series episode The Land of the Dinosaurs, Heroes and A Little Evil, which means that that section is now complete! Over in the gallery I've added images for two new short stories: "Ariel's Night Lights" (which were sent in by visitor, thank you!) and "Sweet Dreams at Last". In the music section, I added lyrics and samples for two covers from the album The Best of Country Sing the Best of Disney: Faith Hill's Part of Your World and Little Texas's Kiss the Girl, along with Ariel's Christmas Under the Sea's Christmas in the Ocean. On the links page I added a link to A Pequena Sereia, a comprehensive TLM fansite that was shared with me. For the Other Mermaids section, I've added pages for two television shows: Siren and Ice Fantasy.

The Waterfalls: I've added a couple more comic strips to the gallery.

18 February 2018

Daring to Dream: I did some way overdue clean-up over on the TV series page, organizing stuff and adding pages for the episodes Marriage of Inconvenience, Resigned to It, Tail of Two Crabs and King Crab. The Descendants page has been updated to include some info about the tie-in book The Rise of Isle of the Lost. Over in the gallery there's a bunch of new additions: scans from two Disney Princess comics, one Disney Princess story, three activity pages, and excerpts from "Emoji Super-Smiley Activities" and "Disney's Who's Who". Thanks to a submission from a visitor, I've added images from fourteen Russian comics (thank you again!). Over in the music section, I've added lyrics and samples for Debbie Shapiro Gravitte's covers of Part of Your World and Poor Unfortunate Souls. Plus, I've added Wolves, Witches and Giants to the section on other TLM adaptations, and a whole bunch of others to the Other Mermaids section: A Mermaid's Tale, Barbie: Dolphin Magic, Ocean Girl, Peter Pan and the Pirates, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and She's From Another Planet.

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