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The six books on this page are from the 1995 Grolier Books set. All the stories are new ones, and feature a mix of tales that take place before and after the film. The scans on the page are only of the illustrations in the books.

Little Mischief
Pocahontas lives up to her Little Mischief name when she gets into trouble over a missing necklace, and ends up staying in Grandmother Willow's glen overnight when there are wolves nearby.
A Boy Across the Sea
Thomas tells Pocahontas the story of the compass that John gave to her. John was a young boy visiting London with his father and brother when he got lost in the city, and had his first big adventure.
The Hidden Village
Pocahontas travels with her father and Kocoum to visit another tribe for a celebration, and solves the mystery of the Invisible Ones, a tribe of outcasts.
On the High Seas
Set during the journey of the Susan Constant to Virginia, John narrowly stops Thomas, Ben, Lon and some others from mutinying against Ratcliffe. Meanwhile, Pocahontas feels that something is approaching.
Keep an Eye on Meeko
Set some time after the film, Wiggins tries to open an inn in Jamestown for the new English arrivals, but an ever-hungry Meeko sabotages his efforts.
A Long Way Home
Set not long after the film, Pocahontas is injured and left alone in the woods, and has a vision/hallucination of John having come back to help her.

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