Welcome to The Waterfalls, a fansite dedicated to Disney's enchanting animated feature Pocahontas. I first watched it with little expectations, but the movie touched me deeply, ensuring that I would be a fan for a long time.

This is a simple place, created solely to play tribute in what little way I can. I hope you find what few morsels I have thrown together here to your liking.


13th November 2016

Over on the videos page I've added links to the two behind-the-scenes featurettes on the making of the movie, one hosted by Irene Bedard and the other by David Ogden Stiers. In the gallery I've added scans from the six Grolier books (Little Mischief, A Boy Across the Sea, The Hidden Village, On the High Seas, Keep an Eye on Meeko, and A Long Way Home) and the two more books (An Unlikely Pair and Into the Forest).

3rd October 2016

I've updated the music page to include the Walt Disney Legacy Collection soundtrack, which means there are new pages for the demos for Just Around the River Bend, Different Drummer and First to Dance. I've also updated the videos page to feature links to other videos instead of downloads (which I can no longer provide). Over in the gallery, I've added a page for the Once Upon a Princess movie book scans, and scans from Disney Comic Hits! issues.

3rd September 2016

I finally got around to reorganizing the gallery, which has been long overdue. Most of the old stuff is still there, just been moved around and cleaned up a bit. I've also scanned a whole backlog of books that I've been procrastinating on, namely: the Illustrated Classic Edition movie book, the Mouseworks movie book, the Read-Along movie books, the smaller Brimark & Ladybird movie books, three Scholastic Princess books, one Disney Princess short story (A Little Mischief), the Enchanted Stories comics, excerpts from the Enchanted Character Guide & Disney Villains books, a Disney Princess magazine story (Friends Forever), and a few more activity/colouring pages.
I've also started a fannish blog on imzy, where I ramble about this website and other animated media.


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