Welcome to The Waterfalls, a fansite dedicated to Disney's enchanting animated feature Pocahontas. I first watched it with little expectations, but the movie touched me deeply, ensuring that I would be a fan for a long time.

This is a simple place, created solely to play tribute in what little way I can. I hope you find what few morsels I have thrown together here to your liking.


15 November 2020

I've added some scans to the excerpts page (from "The Essential Guide") and a whole bunch of colouring pages.

19 July 2020

There's a bunch of updates in the gallery, namely scans from the "Big Golden Book", "The Voice of the Wind", a couple of activity pages, and some excerpts (from "Royally Fierce" and "Friends, Family, Fantastic").

14 October 2019

I've updated the gallery to include scans for a short story The Winter Journey, excerpts from "Top 10s: From Ariel to Rapunzel" and "Who's Who", plus some new activity pages.

24 February 2019

CGI-fied Pocahontas made an appearance in the film Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet, so I made page for the film that has some info and images.


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