Love Will Never Die

by Lisa B

Odette was walking through the castle. Looking, for her son and daughter: Siegfried and Odile.
They were hiding somewhere in the Swan Lake castle. They were both nine years old, but they didn’t look like a twin. Odile had her mother’s beauty, long brown straight hair, and blue eyes. Siegfried had his father’s strength, blonde curly hair, and blue eyes as well.

There they were. ‘Sword’fighting. With these wooden swords. Like she did when she was younger, and when she disliked Derek. A grin appears on her face. These old times were the past, and look what she had become: she had become a queen, was married with the best man she could imagine, and gave birth to two beautiful children.

Uberta was happy when she heard that she would become grandmother. Cause that’s what she wanted from the day that Derek and Odette fell in love with each other. And when Derek told her that Odette and he were the lucky parents of a twin, she was perfectly happy, and began to knit a pair of socks, because she made only one.

Odile noticed her mother, so she didn’t noticed what her brother was doing, and Siegfried hit her with his sword.
‘Auogh!’ Odile screamed, and run crying into her mother’s arms. Siegfried was looking scared, it wasn’t his plan to hit his sister. They had a good relationship with each other, he wouldn’t hurt her wilfully.

Derek appeared, and saw what was going on. His hand lay on Siegfried’s shoulder.
‘These things happen, my son.’ Siegfried looked up to his dad, and smiled.
Derek walked to Odette and Odile, and he lifted his daughter. Odile embraced him. ‘Are you hurt, my dear?’ Derek asked, and winked to Odette. She smiled, took Siegfried’s hand, and went to the lake.

‘Mum?’ Siegfried asked, and looked to his mother. ‘Yes, Siegfried?’.
‘When I’m grown, will all this land be mine?’ Odette smiled at him. His ideas of become king were cute. He wanted to be a strong, mighty and powerful king. He was the first born, his sister came after him, but she didn’t care. When they were born, there came three fairies to the christening. Siegfried was the first born, and the fairies wished by their magical power that Siegfried would become a good king. The second wish was that he would live long, and the third wish was that he would be a wise person, who knows what he’s doing.
When they looked into the cradle of Odile, they wished that she would meet the man of her heart at her tenth birthday. The second wish was that he would capture her heart, and the third wish was that they would marry at her eighteenth birthday and live happily ever after.
Odette, Derek, and all the people who were there that moment were all excited, because the future for these two children was sure. A beautiful future for both.

‘Yes, my son, it’ll be yours.’ Siegfried looked around. ‘I like it,’ he said, ‘and if I become king, then you’ll be…’
‘Still your mother, and maybe the grandmother of your children, and Odile’s children.
Siegfried and Odette turned around. Derek was standing behind them, with Odile.
She wasn’t crying anymore. Siegfried looked at her, and stepped forwards. He kissed her cheek, at the place where he hit her.
Odile took his hand. ‘Come, let’s play tag.’ And they run away.
Derek laughed, took Odette’s hand, and kissed her. Come, let’s take a walk, I’ve got to tell you something.
They walked alongside the lake, when Derek was telling.
‘The King of The Land Of The Black Mountains, Florence, send me a letter, to let us know that he’s coming tomorrow, when the kids turn ten.’
‘But… that’s not possible…’ Odette stopped. ‘Is Prudence coming? And… Maurice?’
Derek sighed. ‘Yes. I know you don’t like them, so do I. But we have to listen to the wishes of the fairies. Maurice is their son. And when he captures Odile’s heart, so be it. If the love is pure, we’ll have to go with it.’
Odette looked at him. She knew what he was thinking. He doesn’t like the idea that Odile’s going to marry with that jerk.
He puts his arm around her. ‘Everything’s gonna be fine, darling.’ He saw the sad glance in her eyes, and didn’t know what to do. But the birthday of the children would be tomorrow. If he would write a letter to Florence, to tell him that this visit wasn’t appreciated , the letter won’t reach him in time.

It was the day that Odile and Siegfried would turn ten. Every one was excited, because they all wanted to know: is Maurice the man of Odile’s dreams?
A whole crowd was there. There was a tent by the lake, with pies and drinks.
All the guests were there. Except the ‘special guests.’
Odette and Derek decided to tell the children immediately that there were special guests coming. Siegfried wasn’t satisfied. He would never let his sister marry with someone they don’t like. But when Odette told him that if you love someone, the power of love and the heart are stronger than the mind, he gave in.
Then, finally the guests appeared. Selfish as can be. Maurice looked angry at Odile, and didn’t shake her hand. Odette looked at Derek. This couldn’t be serious. He’s the worst nightmare.

When Odile and Maurice were alone for a minute, Odile started talking. “It seems that, if we fall in love, we’re going to marry”. Maurice looked at here, with an evil grin at his face. “You think so? I’m not going to love you. You’re immature. You believe in Fairies.” Odile hesitated, didn’t knew what to say.
“You all believe in those.. fairytales…”
“But it’s true!”
“No it isn’t!”
And Maurice walked away, and Odile was left behind.

Then, a man in armour came into the royal garden, near the lake. Odile looked at him, through the bushes.
He sat down, and lifted his helmet up from his head. Short, curling brown hear was shining in the hot August sun. He washed his hands, stood up, and walked to the table to get a piece of a pie.

Then he turned around. Their eyes met. And there was a flame. Odile was so unsure.. could this man be than man of her dreams?
But, if he was, this love would be forbidden. A royal person can’t marry someone else who isn’t royal. This would be complicated.

The man came to her, and she stood still. All she could look at were his eyes. So beautiful… He bow for her. “My princess. It’s an honour for me to meet you at last.” Odile was shaking. He was so stunning!

She didn’t see that her father and mother came to her, and that they hadn’t noticed the man who was sitting before their daughter.

Odile looked at her parents, and said: ‘Mom, dad, this is..” She looked desperately at him. He understood what was wrong and turned to his King and Queen. The princess didn’t knew his name. “Your highnesses. And he bow for the second time. “My name is Fitz” Derek’s face expression changed immediately. “Son of Theodore?’’ “Yes, Sire.”

Derek turned his back to him. “Go away, I don’t want to see you here anymore. And stay away from my daughter!”

Derek didn’t see the face expression of his daughter. “Dad..?” Finally he looked at her. “Go to your room, young lady.”
Derek sighed. “Now!!” And she ran past him.
Odette wanted to follow her, but Derek stopped her. “No, Odette, not now. I don’t want you to tell her why I did this, and how painful it was.”

The next day Siegfried knocked at Odile’s door. He saw everything the day before, and he wanted to go to his sister.
Odile didn’t open the door, so Siegfried opened himself.
He saw his sister, laying on her bed. She was crying.
He walked to her, sat on the edge of her bed, and lay his hand on her shoulder, whispering sweet words in her ear.
Then she turned, and looked at him
‘What are you doing here?’ She asked. She was looking sad, which wasn’t a surprise.
‘I’m here to comfort you. For what happened yesterday. You’ll have to listen to this: there’s a rumour going on. They say dad..’
‘I hate dad.’ Odile interrupted. ‘I see why you’re upset Odile, but..’ Siegfried sighed.
‘But what? Tell me, now I want to know it!’ Odile stood up to sit next to her brother. ‘What’s the rumour then?’
‘They say that Fitz’ father, Theodore, served our grandfather. He was in the army. You know what happened to him, do you?’
‘Yes, our grandfather got killed during an important battle…’
‘Exactly! Now, and everyone was there to protect him, but when everyone died, except this Theodore and our granddad, he stepped aside and let the enemy kill our grandfather…’
‘I.. I didn’t knew that! So dad thinks that Fitz would be the same as his father? That he will destroy him… and us?’
‘I think so.. but it’s just a rumour! Let’s ask dad, but very carefully!’

And so they went to the bedroom of their parents.

‘… doesn’t have to be the same as his father, Derek! I can see why you’re upset, but Odile didn’t know that! She’s in love, Derek.. couldn’t you see her eyes? They were full of fire! No… no don’t say you don’t know what I mean!’
‘Listen, Odette, maybe you’re right! Maybe he isn’t the same man as his father, but I have to protect my family! Who knows what goes around in his head? No one! Look.. it hurts me to see my daughter so upset, but it’s for her own good!’
‘Oh Derek! You don’t know him! What you’re saying are just prejudices! Come on! Grow up, talk to him! Get to know each other, and after that, we’ll talk about this again!
‘You’re right…’

Siegfried opened the door a bit, so they could see what their parents were doing. They shared a hug. Isn’t that cute?

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