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Welcome to Daring to Dream, my fansite dedicated to Disney's classic animated flick, The Little Mermaid and its spin-offs. I am Annie D, your resident tourguide.


7 December 2014 : It's been ages, but I've finally gotten around to updating the page for the stage musical page to include some info, images and music samples about various productions all over the world. To the gallery I've added scans from the BP movie adaptation, two Christmas books and one Disney Princess comic. On the music page, I've listed the a recent Lullaby album. I've updated the page for the German TV film Die kleine Meerjungfrau to include a synopsis and screencaps.
1 November 2014 : It's The Little Mermaid's 25th anniversary this year, so there's a new extended soundtrack album out, and I've added it to the listing on the music page. There's more stuff in the gallery, namely scans from the Scholastic Disney Princess books starring Ariel, plus the Little Mermaid pages in the Enchanted Character Guide. To the Other Mermaids section I've added pages for A Ring of Endless Light and Pair of Kings.
21 September 2014 : Additions to the gallery! There's a new Disney Princess comic; pages from the The Little Mermaid Magazine, I am a Princess and Learning Ladder on the excerpts page; and scans from three stories of the Palace Pets series. To the Other Mermaids section there's a page for an episode of Adventures of the Gummi Bears.
17 August 2014 : Thanks to a submission from Anna, I'm able to add scans from the twelfth and final Marvel TLM comic book so that section is now complete! There's also more additions to the gallery, namely scans from two more movie adaptation picturebooks, from the shiny picturebook Ariel and the Lost Whirlpool, and from one more Disney Princess magazine comic. Currently airing on TV is a South Korean serial based on The Little Mermaid called Surplus Princess, so I've added a page for that. To the Other Mermaids section I've added pages for episodes of Flipper and Dark Angel.
29 June 2014 : Added the lyrics for the Q;indivi cover of "Part of Your World". To the gallery, I've added the "Golden Tell-a-Tale" book to the movie adaptations, the illustrations from "The Shimmering Star Necklace", the scans from "Ariel's Dance Class", "Ariel Helps Out", "The Sunken Ship" and "The Little Mermaid and Spot", plus one more comic from the Disney Princess magazine, "Treasure Hunt". To the Other Mermaids section I've added the mermaids from Baywatch and SAGA: Curse of the Shadow.
7 June 2014 : I've updated the comics page with more info and scans, and added a bunch more new scans to the gallery for the read-along books "Ariel and the Mysterious World Above", "Ariel and the Secret Grotto", "Christmas Under the Sea" and First Readers Book "Ariel's Treasure Hunt". As part of the gallery, I've set up a page for the novel series but that's still a work-in-progress and not yet completed. To the section of other versions of TLM I've put up a page for an episode of Fairy Tale Police Department, and the section of other mermaids there are pages for Grimm, Man from Atlantis and Blackstar.
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