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Welcome to Daring to Dream, my fansite dedicated to Disney's classic animated flick, The Little Mermaid and its spin-offs. I am Annie D, your resident tourguide.


20 March 2016 : I've started scanning in books from the Grolier Treasure Chest series, and to start with 4 books have been added to the gallery (in alphabetical order) with the rest to follow soon. I've also added scans from Ariel's Song, a sticker activity book that doubles as a movie retelling picturebook, plus a few more pages from various Princess colouring books. To the section on Other Mermaids, there are new pages for the mermaids of Camp Lakebottom and 2015's Peter & Wendy.
25 January 2016 : I've added synopsis and scans from the last three novels to the novels page, so that page is now complete! Other additions to the gallery are the colouring pages from Ariel and the Sparkle Fish, scans from movie picturebook adapation Ariel's Underwater Adventure, and scans from the last chapter of the Storybook Treasury, Sebastian's Medal of Honour, which is an adaptation of series episode "The Great Sebastian". To the section of Other Mermaids, I've added pages for Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King and 2015's Pan.
20 December 2015 : There's a bunch of new additions in the gallery: Ariel and the Whale Song, the Classic Series movie adaptation, more colouring pages (from the Little Princess colouring book, Art Therapy and various Disney Princess sources), activity pages (also from various Disney Princess sources), and a few pages from the Learning Ladder series. Thanks to a submission, I've added pages from the 1995 Russian comic, not that. And over to the section on Other Mermaids, I've got pages up for Nautica from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Nicki from Supernatural.
15 November 2015 : There were two Disney cover albums released recently: "We Love Disney", which has a cover of "Part of Your World" by Jessie J, and "May J. Sings Disney", which has covers for "Part of Your World" and "Under the Sea", so I've added listings for both on the music page. Over in the gallery, I've added scans from the Mouseworks Classic Storybook movie picturebook, Ariel's Fishy Face Contest, Issues #26-31 of Ariel's World, and excerpts from the Princess Joke Book and How to be a Princess. Plus, thanks to a submission, I've added an issue from a UK Little Mermaid comic to the comics page, though I don't know much else about this series. For the section on other versions of TLM, I've made a page for the television anime Mahou no Mako-chan.
16 August 2015 : I made a page for the Ariel-related issues of Kilala Princess, the shoujo manga that crosses over with the various princess. Other additions to the gallery are scans of Stormy the Sea Horse (from the Storybook Treasury), Issues #21-25 of Ariel's World, and the picturebook A Merry Mermaid Christmas. There's also two more mermaids added to the Other Mermaids sections, from the Aladdin TV series and Barbie and the Secret Door.
5 July 2015 : More scans in the gallery, of Issues #15-20 of Ariel's World, two board books, three novels and one Princess magazine story. I've also added two more shows to the Other Mermaids gallery, namely Fantasy Island and Bedtime Stories.
17 May 2015 : I've added scans from the Storybook Treasury, Ariel's World, Ariel's Curious Kitten and The Princesses Collection to the gallery. I missed this previously, but I finally added the lyrics and sample for the Soul II Soul version of Kiss the Girl. To the section on Other Mermaids, I've added a page for Princess Gwenevere/Starla and the Jewel Riders and The Smurfs.
29 March 2015 : Ursula's arc on Once Upon a Time seems to be concluded, so I've updated the synopsis and screencaps on the season 4 page. Jess has been super helpful in transcribing the lyrics to Ursula's new introductory song in the stage musical, Daddy's Little Angel so I can add it to the songs section. To the gallery I've added scans from the Once Upon a Princess book, The Best Babysitter Under the Sea, and more of the Ariel's World magazine series. To the section on other versions of TLM, I've added the episodes of Kaleido Star.
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