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A Special Song (2005)
Ariel befriends Coral, a shy young mermaid who's a little clumsy and thinks she's unremarkable. It's a sweet story of friendship and self-confidence, where Ariel helps Coral come of her shell. This book is part of the Princesses and Friends series where various princesses make new young friends. The art is pretty rad, it almost looks like stills from an episode of the television series. This story was also published under the title My Best Friend is Ariel.
Ariel's Secret (2005)
Ariel she tells the reader a secret that she's never shared with anyone, not even her best friend, Flounder. The story doesn't quite match up with the film, but it's pretty sweet. This book is part of the Princess Secrets series, where various princesses share (you guessed it) a deep secret with the reader.
Ariel and Zippy (2007)
It's Alana's birthday, and Ariel's out to set up the perfect gift. Along the way she meets Zippy, an energetic and enthusiastic dolphin, who wants to help out.
Tales from Under the Sea (1991)
This book features a pretty unique collection of short stories and poems accompanied by some lovely watercolour artwork. The scans below are only of the illustrations.

Ariel's Peace (2008)
Conflict erups between merfolk and humanfolk, and who should come to the peace-bringing rescue? Ariel, of course. Doesn't quite fit with movie canon, but the art is gorgeous. This short story was featured in one of the 5-Minute Friendship Stories books.

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