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The books on this page are from the Palace Pets spin-off franchise, which focuses on a bunch of new animal pet characters who are related to the princesses somehow. In this franchise, Ariel has three pets: Treasure the kitten, Seashell the pony, and Matey the puppy.

There are quite a number of stories in this franchise, but I'm only really interested in the ones where Ariel makes an appearance.

Treasure, the Kitten Who Loves the Sea (2014)
Here's how Treasure met Ariel, and became her pet.
Treasure's High-seas Adventure (2014)
Treasure may be a land kitty but she's game for a sea-faring adventure of her own with Max and Sebastian.
The Most Amazing Treasure (2014)
This comic shows a slightly different version of how Eric and Ariel meet Treasure and adopt her into their family.
Ariel's Curious Kitten (2015)
Ariel and Treasure are unhappy that Eric is leaving for a months-long voyage without them, and decide they're going to take matters into their own hands. This book is the fourth installment in a series of Palace Pets illustrated books. The scans below are of the illustrations only.

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