Gallery: Books and Short Stories (13)

Ariel and the Whale Song (2015)
Ariel and Flounder get up close with migrating whales. Great art and superb detail, from Ariel's hair to all the characters' expressions. This story was featured in a Princess Storybook Collection.

Bath Time with Ariel (2015)
This board book is part of the Big Bright & Early Board Book series, which teaches young children about daily routines by relating them to the routines as done by the princesses. Pop art may be hit or miss, but I tend to love it and how it finds new ways to depict Ariel.

Flounder Loves Ariel (2016)
This stylized [Sidekick] loves [Princess] series highlights the friendships various princesses have. Flounder's book has him extolling Ariel's bravery and adventure-seeking nature.

A Merry Mermaid Christmas (2004)
This is another version of the story about how Ariel learns about human Christmas and decides to bring its practices into Atlantica.

Ariel's Fishy Face Contest (2002)
The cute little board book has Atlanticans holding a fishy face contest.

Ariel's Secret (1992)
Here's another version of the story of Ariel first discovering human things and deciding to collect them.

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