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Ariel Makes Waves (2017)
Part of the Disney Princess Beginnings novel series, this one tells a tale of Ariel as a curious but cautious youngster who'd yet to develop the confidence she'd have later in life. The age gap between the sisters may be less of an issue when they're older, but as kids, Ariel being the youngest makes all the difference, and in this book she's depicted as unsure of herself and (at the start, at least) defaulting to her elder sisters' opinions. That changes when she, Aquata and Andrina accidentally get lost by themselves, and their mini-adventure helps Ariel realize that she has some pretty good ideas, and the courage that it takes to act on them.
The scans below are only of the illustrations.
Ariel is Fearless (2017)
When Andrina falls sick, Ariel makes it her mission to find the cure, i.e. night lilies, no matter that night lillies are supposedly guarded by ghost lights. This cute short story was also released under the title "The Ghost Lights".
The Little Mermaid: Short Stories (1998)
This unusual illustrated storybook features 5 short stories that are similar to and match up with the 1994 novel series, in that the stories are focused on life in the palace and especially the seven princesses, Attina is a bookworm, Adella is beauty-obsessed, and other things. The stories in this book are: The scans below are only of the illlustrations in the book.
Ariel is My Babysitter (2016)
This book is part of a [Princess] is My Babysitter series, and in Ariel's case she gets to be the babysitter of Melvin, a little octopus that is excitable and clever in thwarting his guardian for the day.

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