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Ariel's Big Rescue (2008)
Ariel chances upon a ship in trouble and comes to the rescue, as one does. The art's pretty good! This short story was featured in one of the 5-Minute Princess Stories books.
The Birthday Surprise (2010)
Adella has a birthday celebration and Ariel's not going to let the fact that she's human stop her from taking part in her sister's party. It's a charming story showing how Ariel keeps in touch with her Atlantican family, with great art to boot. This story was part of a Princess series of illustrated novels, and the scans below is of the art only.

Ariel's Dolphin Adventure (2010)
Ariel misses her sea friends, and Eric tries to help by building a wall to create an artificial lagoon that allows her friends to come right up to shore. Then a baby dolphin accidentally gets stuck in there, oops. Gorgeous art, spiffy acknowledgement of some canonical bits (especially the lagoon of the Kiss the Girl scene) and King Triton gets a hilarious comeback in his appearance. ("You're only human." Oh snap.) This story was released as its own book 2010, but it's also been compiled with other princess stories in various collections.

Swim Buddies (2011)
Not much of a plot in this board book, which is for younger readers and just has Ariel and Flounder swimming around.

A Special Surprise (2008)
This story's an interlude in the film, set after Eric's rescue and before the deal with Ursula. Ariel's yearning for Eric, and comes up with the idea of sneaking to the surface and singing for him in secret. It's a nice "what could have been", and a cool callback to the original Hans Christian Andersen story. This short story was featured in one of the 5-Minute Princess Stories books.

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