Gallery: Books and Short Stories (5)

Part of Their World (2013)
Stunning pop art in this picturebook, which follows a young Ariel who's never been to the surface before, but discovers human things on the sea floor and has her imagination captured in a huge way. Her sisters and father aren't as supportive as Flounder, but Ariel has her own ideas now that a whole new world has been opened to her.

Treasures of Old (2005)
The Storytime Treasures Library had a bunch of original storybook tie-ins with various films, and for The Little Mermaid there was this one, a story about how the neighbouring kingdom's rule King Mariner's visits Atlantica, and how Ariel mistakenly assumes that it'll all be very boring for her. WRONG!

Ariel's New Friend (1994)
This Golden Book is a tie-in with the TV series episode Urchin, and features a slightly different way that Ariel and Urchin met and became friends.

A Whale of a Time (1998)
Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian befriend a baby whale, and the story has a couple of similarities with the TV series episode A Whale of a Tale. This story was also published under the title The Big Baby.

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