Gallery: Books and Short Stories (6)

Ariel and the Mysterious World Above (1991)
An element that didn't get translated to the film is the little mermaid's coming of age. This read-along book captures a version of how that might have happened, following Ariel's excitement as she nears her fifeenth birthday and being allowed to visit the surface for the first time.

Ariel and the Secret Grotto (1991)
This is another read-along book that follows the start of Ariel's collecting human things, and how she set up that collection in her grotto.

Ariel's Christmas Under the Sea (1991)
This 1991 Christmas read-along also came with new Christmassy songs, and follows Ariel's adventures in introducing the human tradition of Christmas to the undersea realm.

Ariel's New Treasure (1993)
This Golden Book comes with a necklace accesory, and tells a sweet story about how Ariel obtained a human necklace of her very own.

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