Gallery: Books and Short Stories (7)

Ariel's Dance Class (2010)
This board book has Ariel being inspired by human dancing and trying to introduce that to the underwater citizens of Atlantica.

Ariel Helps Out: A Musical Celebration (2011)
In this board book Ariel and sebastian work together to plan a special musical celebration for King Triton.

The Sunken Ship (2005)
Ariel's imagination getting the best of her in this pocket-sized picturebook.

The Little Mermaid and Spot (2000)
Spot is visiting Ariel and gang when they get on the bad side of Crabby the crab. Triton even gets a share of the adventure in this one (!) which is unusual but very welcome.

Ariel's Treasure Hunt (1998)
This simple story is part of the First Readers reading series, and features Ariel and Sebastian going on a treasure hunt.

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