Gallery: Books and Short Stories (9)

Ariel and the Lost Whirlpool (2010)
Strange things are afoot King Triton's castle, and Ariel is up for investigating what's going on. There's some really nifty depictions of rooms never or rarely seen in Triton's castle, and the art is pretty cool, too. This book is part of the Princess Castle Book series.
The Best Babysitter Under the Sea (1994)
Ariel babysits a pair of naughty baby twins, and is based on/inspired by the episode Double Bubble, but slightly different.

The Holiday Treasure Hunt (2010)
Ariel and Eric are celebrating Christmas on land, and Ariel has a wee bit of a dilemma about the presents she's gotten for everyone else, but with some quick thinking that dilemma becomes an adventure. This story was originally packed in A Royal Christmas in 2010, but the one I have is from 2014's Perfect Princess Christmas.

An Under the Sea Christmas: A Holiday Songbook (1993)
This songbook features various sheet music of Christmas classics overlaid with a story of Ariel and her family celebrating Christmas under the sea, plus some pretty unique and cool-looking artwork.

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