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The Princesses Collection (1993)
This book contains poems and short stories about the various princesses, including Ariel.

The Villains Collection (1993)
This villains-focused book is a companion to The Princess Collection above. Ursula gets her own section, plus the honour of gracing the cover.

Enchanted Character Guide (2014)
This book is a guide for the characters of the princess films, and The Little Mermaid gets a chapter. The content is meant for younger readers, so the characters get simple, straightforward descriptions, yet there's quite a bit of care put into its listing out the "obvious" details of the film, and it's nice that it's all accurate! (You'd think that that would be easy, but I've seen Ariel's sisters misnamed one-too-many times.)

The Little Mermaid Magazine (1992)
Here's a couple of pages from the premiere issue of The Little Mermaid Magazine, which as far as I can tell only had a handful of issues.
I am a Princess (2012)
This Little Golden Book is really just pictures of the princesses with captions. Below are the Ariel pages.
Learning Ladder
The Learning Ladder is picturebook series for preschool readers, where there are very basic scenes or stories with text, set to images of the princesses. Ariel is in a few of these books, and below are some of her pages.

365 Bedtime Stories (2010)
There are quite a few different versions of the 365 Bedtime Stories books, which are basically books that have 365 short stories (1 page per story) for reading throughout the year. Below are some of the The Little Mermaid stories.
The Ultimate Guide to the Magical Worlds (2010)
This book, meant for younger audiences, is a guide to the various worlds of the princess films, with basic description of the films and the characters in them. Below are the pages for the section on The Little Mermaid. It's basic stuff, but it's clearly written with warm familiarity with the film and has some cute asides here and there.

Villains: The Top Secret Files (2005)
The villains are their own spin-off franchise, and this one is a hardback "souvenir" book of that franchise. This witty book has sections on various villains with interactive elements like letters that can be unfolded and props that can be taken out. Also, Ursula's page features images of her time living in the palace with baby Ariel!
Ultimate Visual Guide (2002)
This book's one of those large, hardback DK visual guide books, and meant for collectors. It covers the history of the Disney franchise from its very beginnings, though highly abridged. The Little Mermaid gets a two-page spread.

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