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Kilala Princess

Shoujo manga Kilala Princess is an official tie-in with the Princess franchise, and features the supporting appearances of six princesses, in order: Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora and Jasmine. (Sadly, there's no crossover between the princesses.)

The story follows Kilala Reno, a regular girl who gets caught up with a fantastic adventure. Her journey starts when she crosses paths with Rei, a mysterious boy who is in search of the Seventh Princess, whom he believes can save his kingdom. Rei has a magical tiara that belongs to the Seventh Princess and can be used to identify her.

The tiara is what enables Kilala and Rei to enter the various worlds of the six princesses as mentioned above. In each world, Kilala meets and befriends the respective princess while they are in the middle of their stories, and the princesses teach and are taught something in turn by Kilala. For her part, Kilala is thrilled by this, because she is a fan of the princesses (whom were previously just fiction to her) and is delighted to be able to meet them. Kilala also encounters the various villains of the princesses' stories, most of whom are drawn to the magical tiara and want it for themselves.

In the Little Mermaid portion of the story, Kilala meets Ariel while she is still a mermaid. Ariel inspires Kilala to be strong and fight for what she believes in, and in turn Ariel is touched by Kilala's love for Rei and hopes to find love of her own. It's really interesting to see Ariel's world depicted in the manga format, which does require some adjustment from her usual style but the reinterpretation is still very recognisable, though some of the character choices are a little bit odd (such as Ariel's thoughts about her father).

My understanding is that Kilala Princess was released in typical serialized manga chapters, and these chapters were later compiled into 5 volumes. In the initial release in 2007, only the first 2 volumes were translated into English, although they were split for the English market into 4 manga minis, with the Ariel portion of the story located in manga minis #3 and #4. In 2016, the full series has been translated into English and is being released as manga minis.

The scans on this page are only of the Little Mermaid portion of the story.

For those unfamiliar with the manga format, the individual pages are read from the right side to the left side.

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