Gallery: Movie Adaptations (2)

Big Golden Book (2013)
This picture-book novelisation of the movie was released in conjunction with the Diamond Edition DVD/Blu-Ray release, and contains some gorgeous new artwork with some tremendously clever composition of familiar scenes.

Movie Collection (2013)
Movie Collection: The Little Mermaid is another picture-book adaptation with the same series of artwork as the 2013 Big Golden Book but with a couple of different images.

Read-Along Storybook (2013)
This is the 2013 variation of the Read-Along Storybook, featuring artwork from the same series as the above books. It comes with a CD narrated by Roy Dotrice and features the movie's voice cast (though the dialogue is slightly different from the film's).

Read-Along Storybook (2010)
This is 2010 version of the Read-Along, though the artwork is from the older Mouseworks book.

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