Gallery: Movie Adaptations (3)

My Side of the Story (2004)
This is an absolutely hilarious "double-sided" book that has Ariel and Ursula doing their own individual retellings of the events of the movie. (Ursula, as you can imagine, isn't the most reliable of narrators.) Aside from the lovely art, there's plenty of modern wit and self-referential bits that make this picturebook adaptation unique and delightful.
Golden Tell-a-Tale (1992)
This is another smaller Golden Book picturebook, under the "Tell-a-Tale" series.

Brimar (1997)
The Brimar picturebooks are physically small and cute to handle, and feature some unusual-looking art of familiar scenes.

Special Edition Tie-in (2003)
This picturebook was released in conjunction with the first Special Edition release of the DVD in 2003, though it uses older artwork from 1997.

Danish - Scholastic: Wonderful World of Reading (2006)
This is the Danish version of the "Wonderful World of Reading" picturebook novelisation, as scanned by PrueFever.

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