Gallery: Movie Adaptations (6)

Classic Mouseworks (1997)
The Mouseworks Classic Storybook picturebook is a large hardcover book, and one of the most extensive picturebook adapations of the movie. Its images have been reused quite a few times in other books.

Once Upon a Princess (2003)
The compilation book Once Upon a Princess has illustrated retellings of various princesses' stories, including Ariel's. This is a unique version in that the story of the film is expanded with interludes of Ariel's "diary entries" and the addition of a new character, Crystalla, who provides some backstory for Ursula's past. Once Upon a Princess was released in two volumes, of which Ariel's story is in volume 1, and in 2006 a reprint combined both volumes together in a massive tome. (Some of the scans below have scribbles on them, it couldn't be helped.)

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