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The Grolier Treasure Chest is a set of books about Ariel and her friends Sebastian, Flounder, Flounder's sister Sandy, Scuttle, and Scales the dragon, living together at an island. It looks like this series was meant to be a tie-in with the proposed Little Mermaid's Island TV series by Jim Henson. There were 24 books in all, and they're arranged on these pages in alphabetical order.

Another Fine Mess
It's not that Flounder's purposely messy, it's just that he gets excited at the next fun thing and forgets to put his things away properly. His sister Sandy has had enough of it and goes to Ariel, who decides teach Flounder a little lesson.

Ariel's Painting Party
All Ariel wants to do is paint a painting of their island, but all her friends have their two cents on how it "should" be done. Tired of everyone's advice, she suggests a painting party, where everyone gets to paint what they want, and King Triton decides whose is the best.

As Fun As You Feel
It can be tough with siblings. Sandy feels a little down because her twin brother Flounder is able to do some swimming tricks that she can't. Sandy then realizes that if she pretends to be sick, everyone will pay more attention to her, but there's a flaw in that plan.

Bee Nice
Scuttle's nap gets disrupted by bees, and he decides to take matters into his own hands without fully thinking of the consequences. And then Ursula herself gets involved, because the sea witch likes honey, who knew?

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