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The Grolier Treasure Chest is a set of books about Ariel and her friends Sebastian, Flounder, Flounder's sister Sandy, Scuttle, and Scales the dragon, living together at an island. It looks like this series was meant to be a tie-in with the proposed Little Mermaid's Island TV series by Jim Henson. There were 24 books in all, and they're arranged on these pages in alphabetical order.

The Big Switch
It's one of those the-grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side stories, where Sebastian and Scaly each believe that the other has the easier life and argue about it. They decided to switch responsibilities for the day, and they both learn some important lessons about appreciating each other.

Castles in the Sand
Ariel and Scuttle get into a bit of a tiff when Scuttle accidentally ruins a sandcastle that Ariel had been making. Ariel thinks Scuttle did it on purpose, while Scuttle thinks it's Ariel's fault for building it on the spot where Scuttle usually makes his landing, and the pair refuse to talk civilly to each other. It's up to the rest of their friends to interfere and sets things right.

A Charmed Life
Ariel is delighted to get a four-leaf-clover from Scuttle, which she believes is responsible for the streak of good luck that she has soon afterward. So certain is Ariel in the power of the clover that Ursula decides she has to have it for herself, in order to claim that good luck.

Cheer Up, Sebastian
Sometimes there are bad days where it seems nothing can go right. Sebastian has one of those bad days, in which no matter what his friends do to cheer him up, it just seems to backfire and make things worse.

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