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The Grolier Treasure Chest is a set of books about Ariel and her friends Sebastian, Flounder, Flounder's sister Sandy, Scuttle, and Scales the dragon, living together at an island. It looks like this series was meant to be a tie-in with the proposed Little Mermaid's Island TV series by Jim Henson. There were 24 books in all, and they're arranged on these pages in alphabetical order.

The Crabby Conductor
Sebastian's feeling particularly perfectionist about an upcoming symphony performance he's conducting, and is adamant that everyone in it be absolutely perfect. His demands make the orchestra impatient, but everyone is willing to give it their all... until the concert arrives and Sebastian's fears play out in a way he didn't expect.

Dear Diary
Ursula is jealous that Ariel has good friends, and decides to sabotage that by making some creative additions to Ariel's diary. (This story's interesting in that it might show the role Ursula would've had in the Little Mermaid's Island TV series. She's petty, but not feared, which seems similar to what happened to Captain Hook in the Jake and the Neverland Pirates.)

Detective Sebastian
When Ariel's ring goes missing, Sebastian volunteers as the detective on the case. The only problem is that all the suspects are Ariel's friends, which means there's some pretty offended feelings going around when Sebastian gets down to questioning.

A Dragon's Tail
Scales is having a bit of a bad day, thanks to his large and clumsy tail. A few accidents has Scale's self-esteem dropping remarkably, and it's up to his friends to set that to right.

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