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The Grolier Treasure Chest is a set of books about Ariel and her friends Sebastian, Flounder, Flounder's sister Sandy, Scuttle, and Scales the dragon, living together at an island. It looks like this series was meant to be a tie-in with the proposed Little Mermaid's Island TV series by Jim Henson. There were 24 books in all, and they're arranged on these pages in alphabetical order.

Flounder's Folly
Flounder gets annoyed when Ariel suggests that he's too little to have an adventure on his own. When a human ships passes, he sneakily swims after it by himself, intent on having an adventure as he pleases. As can be expected, the adventure turns out to be a little more than what Flounder bargained for.

Flounder, My Hero
While trying to rescue Ariel's compass, Flounder thinks he sees a monster in a cave. Unfortunately, none of his friends believe his story, and Sandy makes fun of her brother for jumping at shadows. Flounder may be a scaredy-fish, but he's not so scared that he doesn't come racing to the rescue when it seems that Sandy has been caught by the monster...

Her Majesty, Ariel
Ariel develops a massive ego when she's cast as the Queen of the Sea in a performance with her sisters. Although it's just a role, Ariel starts acting like an actual queen by bossing her friends around willy-nilly. Sebastian then gets the idea to show Ariel her error by using the old adage "Be careful what you wish for".

The Good Sport
Ariel and gang are practising their volleyball finball for an upcoming match with Ariel's sisters, but have a problem in that Flounder keeps trying to take all the shots himself. A lesson in teamwork comes from a most unlikely place: Ursula, who challenges the gang for a match.

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