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The Grolier Treasure Chest is a set of books about Ariel and her friends Sebastian, Flounder, Flounder's sister Sandy, Scuttle, and Scales the dragon, living together at an island. It looks like this series was meant to be a tie-in with the proposed Little Mermaid's Island TV series by Jim Henson. There were 24 books in all, and they're arranged on these pages in alphabetical order.

Scuttle's Final Flight
When Scuttle crashes during a flight, he loses confidence and blithely avoids having to fly at all. His friends notice soon enough and try their best to give Scuttle opportunities to fly and restore his confidence.

A Slippery Deck
The gang get ahold of a deck of cards and have a wonderful time playing games together. While that's great, Ariel notices something strange: sometimes Sebastian drops all of his cards and has to re-gather them, and after that happens, he always wins. Ariel voices her suspicions to the others, who start to think that Sebastian may be cheating.

An Undersea Wish
There's a legend that whoever sees the rare undersea flower flaminia bloom gets one wish. Flounder believes this legend whole-heartedly and has been making plans to go to the flaminia and collect his wish, but unfortunately Ursula has the same idea.

Whistles and Doubloons
There's a bit of skill-envy going around the island, what with Scales being envious of Sebastian's skill at tiddlywinks, and Ariel is envious of Scuttle's ability to whistle. The solution for Scales and Ariel is of course to learn from Scuttle, who offers to teach both. But it turns out that teaching itself is an exhausting endeavour.

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