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Some people just never forget... And it's been 12 years! Jinkies.
They're so sweet!
The transformation.
Does this place look familiar to you?
Morgana moves around her prey just the way Ursula did around her prey.
I just find this shot incredibly cute. And for some reason, it reminds me of Bubbles, the Powerpuff Girl that Tara Charendoff also voices.
Even baby penguins have standards when it comes to being rescued.
Tip: "Another plan p-erfectly executed."
Dash: "See, now she's gonna leave, and it's all your fault."
Tip: "My fault? Maybe she doesn't like blubber!"
Dash: "Oh, yeah? Maybe she doesn't like birds that can't fly!"
Tip: "GASP! Well, you can't fly either!"
Dash: "And you walk funny!"
Tip: "Well....... You can't fly either!"
Ariel meets an old friend. (My my, we've gained weight, haven't we?)

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