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In the 1990s animated television series based on the Aladdin film, Aladdin and gang meet a variety of characters and creatures based on mythology. Among them is the devious red-haired Saleen (voiced by Julie Brown), a powerful water elemental who also calls herself "Daughter of the Water", "Siren of the Sea" and "Belle of the Swell". Physically, she's pretty much a mermaid, though she's never referred to as such.

Saleen appears in two episodes. The first is "Elemental, My Dear Jasmine", where Jasmine is the one to first encounter Saleen by falling into a pool of enchanted water. Saleen, who has lured many men with her charms, is piqued by Jasmine's confidence in Aladdin's love for her, and decides to make a challenge out of seducing Aladdin for herself. As is typical for the pop culture references in the show, the episode has a couple of nifty call-backs to The Little Mermaid, what with Jasmine's briefly getting Ariel's hair, the Genie taking on a Sebastian-like crab form, and Saleen's hair flip on the right there.

"Elemental, My Dear Jasmine" was released on VHS and laser disc as part of the "Princess Collection".

Saleen's second episode is "Shark Treatment", where she is no longer about one-upping Jasmine but focused entirely on Aladdin himself. Saleen lures Aladdin and gang out to her island, where she then casts a spell on Aladdin, transforming him in stages into a mind-controlled shark that she can order around as a minion. Ariel also gets a brief "cameo" by appearing on a magazine that Genie conjures up.

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