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Barbie: Dolphin Magic

Barbie: Dolphin Magic is part of the on-going Barbie CGI film franchise, which has in later years been shifting focus to web-tv instead of physical video/DVDs.

Mermaid films of the franchise fall in the Modern Film category or the Full Fantasy category, and Dolphin Magic is part of the former. Set in modern day, a mermaid named Isla and her gemstone dolphin friends are swimming along when the smallest of them, Emerald, is captured by fishermen. Emerald is taken to a marine institute, where the boss, Marlo, hopes to make good money by selling off the dolphin.

Meanwhile, Barbie along with her sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea are on a beach holiday near the institute. They stumble upon Emerald in captivity, but are assured by their friend Ken, who works at the institute, that Marlo only wants to check that the dolphin is healthy before releasing him back to the wild. In the meantime, Isla uses her magic to gain legs in the hopes of rescuing Emerald, and along the way meets and befriends Barbie and her sisters.

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