Other Mermaids.


The Los Angeles lifeguards-focused series Baywatch took a turn with the fantastical in the episode "Rendezvous", where Cody has an encounter with an honest-to-goodness mermaid. Cody is doing some deep diving when he hears a voice call out to him and sees what appears to be a figure with long hair. At first he dismisses it as a hallucination, but Cody's girlfriend C.J. is convinced that he saw the real deal. When Cody dreams meeting the mermaid, it solidifies C.J's belief, because according to her mermaids have telepathy that they use to communicate underwater.

Cody tries the dive again and does meet the mermaid, who introduces herself as Mellisande. She has been searching for her lost love, Christopher, for a hundred years, and seems to think that Cody is him. Cody tries to convince her otherwise, and Mellisande lets go of him when she sees him kiss C.J.

Mellisande is played by Marliece Andrada, who goes on to play another regular character on Baywatch later on.

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