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Ever After High

Ever After High is a huge multimedia franchise mainly set in a magical boarding school where the attendees are the teenaged offspring of famous fairytale, legend and book characters. The leading ladies are Apple White and Raven Queen, daughters of Snow White and the Evil Queen respectively, who are friends yet have a fundamental disagreement on the roles they should play when they grow up.

Among the characters at this boarding school is Meeshell, daughter of the little mermaid. She makes a proper first appearance in the 2016 episode Meeshell Comes Out of Her Shell, where she reveals to her new friends that she's much more confident in the water instead of on land.

Gotta love a mermaid character that has a pun for a name, plus all sorts of sea imagery on her clothes.

Thank you to a visitor who told me about this show, it's much appreciated!

Watch the episode on youtube: Meeshell Comes Out of Her Shell

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