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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Fantasy television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys follows the adventures of demi-god Hercules and his best friend Iolaus, as they travel all over Greece and beyond battling monsters, outwitting gods and saving the innocent, among other things.

In season 5, due to various plot reasons Hercules's regular best friend Iolaus has been switched out with Iolaus II from an alternate universe. Iolaus II is naive and less worldly than regular Iolaus, so he has some trouble acclimatizing to Hercules's adventurous lifestyle. In the episode "Love on the Rocks", Iolaus II expresses his wish to fall in love, and that wish comes true when he meets Nautica (Angela Dotchin), a beautiful young woman who seems just as wide-eyed and hopeful about finding real love as he is.

Nautica is actually a mermaid, and the daughter of Triton the sea god. Nautica has fled from home due to her father's insisting she marry someone she doesn't love. The goddess Discord, hoping to sabotage Triton, "helps" Nautica by giving her legs, because Nautica doesn't know the true reason Triton wants to keep her under the sea. Nautica's only wish is to find love by herself, which she does in Iolaus II. But the pair soon discover Discord's true agenda, and it is with heavy hearts that they part ways so Nautica can return home to keep the oceans safe.

Happily, Iolaus II and Nautica don't stay parted for a long. Only a few episodes later, in "My Best Girl's Wedding", Hercules and Iolaus II cross paths with Nautica again. However, they are stunned to see that Nautica is human and preparing to marry a warlord named Lysacka. It's up to Hercules and Iolaus II to figure out what's going on and save her.

This time there's also a happy ending for the pair, because Iolaus II is willing to transform into a merman with the goddess Aphrodite's help, and joins Nautica under the sea. The ending of the episode neatly mirrors the ending for Nautica's previous episodes, too, where instead of Nautica swimming off alone sadly, this time Nautica and Iolaus II swim off together in joy.

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