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Ice Fantasy

The 2016 Chinese fantasy-romance Ice Fantasy is a sprawling epic of a TV show, mostly centered around an age-old conflict between the immortal gods of Ice and Fire Tribes, the latter of which wants to topple the former. There are a couple of other less powerful tribes in this universe, among them the Mermaid Tribe, which is led by Mermaid Saint.

There are three mermaid characters in the main cast: Princess Lan Shang, Concubine Lian Ji and Mermaid Saint. All three have blue-tinted hair, and mostly appear in their human form with legs.

Princess Lan Shang (Madina Memet) is the naive heiress of the Mermaid Tribe, who's in love with Prince Ka Suo of the Ice Tribe, though the feeling isn't reciprocated. (Side note: Most of the dresses Lan Shang wears have mermaid skirts: tight around the knees and flaring down to her feet.) Mermaid Saint (Shen Hairong) is the pragmatic queen of the Mermaid tribe, who wants to marry off Lan Shang to the most powerful king in the realm, whoever that may be. Concubine Lian Ji (Kim Hee-sun) is the bitter second wife of the King of the Ice Tribe, who was once in love with the King of the Fire Tribe.

Members of the Mermaid Tribe as a whole normally have tails, but are able to gain temporary legs when they're dry and on land. The entire Mermaid Tribe also appears to be female, and Mermaid Saint's palace is an enthusiastically sea-themed abode that can rise and sink into the sea as she desires. There are other worlbuilding and magical elements specific to this tribe, among them abilities tied to their beautiful voices.

I haven't watched the entire series, but there's at least three scenes where mermaids have tails. One is when Lan Shang travels to the human realm and is placed in a tank; the second is an even briefer scene where Lan Shang, Mermaid Saint and a few other mermaids are having a soak in the palace; and the clearest shot is a flashback scene of Lian Ji having a dalliance with the Fire Tribe king.

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