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Killer Mermaid

This Serbian monster/horror film has multiple titles: Mamula, Killer Mermaid and Nymph, and I think that first one might've been the original. Marketing issues, maybe? In this movie, five friends on holiday decide to explore the seemingly abandoned island of Mamula. There they stumble upon an elderly man who's the "guardian" of a carnivorous mermaid, hunting people and feeding them to said mermaid. Then it's a race against time as the friends are picked off one by one by both the guardian and the mermaid.

This is a pretty much a monster movie where the monster happens to be a mermaid, though it could've just as easily been any other creature, seeing as that mermaid mythology doesn't play much of a role in the plot.

Scylla the mermaid herself only properly appears two-thirds into the film, and is played by Zorana Kostic Obradovic. The mermaid has two appearances: a beautiful one and a monstrous one. She has webbed fingers, gills on her ribs and small fins on her arms, and her CGI-enhanced tail interestingly enough has skin much like human skin, so there's no visual separation between her torso and tail.

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