Mermaid Got Married

Mermaid Got Married (Ren Yu chuan shuo) is a Hong Kong romance-fantasy-comedy somewhat inspired by Splash, and features Christy Chung and Cheng Ekin as the leading pair. Like a whole bunch of HK romantic comedies this film sweet, surreal and full of slapstick, and it reworks the love story to be somewhat more organic than Splash, although have no idea what's up with that ending.

There is a mermaid (Christy) and there is a man (Ekin). As children, they mutually save each other's lives. Years later the guy falls into the ocean again and the mermaid, remembering how he helped her once before, uses her magic pearl to save his life. But the guy accidentally (and unknowingly) swallows the pearl, and the mermaid is unable to go home. So she has no choice but to brave the strange new world of land in order to get back the pearl from the man who swallowed it. Along the way, they accidentally fall in love.

So the mermaid/human love story and the fact that the mermaid gains legs whenever she's dry was basically lifted from Splash, though here they only fall in love eventually, and the guy works as a part-time gym teacher at a local school where the mermaid "accidentally" enrols. There's a silly love-quadrangle between the mermaid, her guy, and two of the students at the school.

The filmmakers apparently honed in directly on the best part of a mermaid movie: the underwater scenes. Although not really relevant to the plot, there are wonderfully indulgent underwater sequences where Christy Chung gets to flex her tail, and although the tail does look fake at certain angles, Christy Chung is breathtakingly graceful as she does her underwater mermaid moves, making it appear effortless and natural. Daryl Hannah can make you believe that mermaids exist, but Christy Chung can make you believe that they caused men to crash their ships into rocks.

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