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My Fairy Tail Love Story

My Fairy Tail Love Story is a Philippine teen fantasy-comedy-romance that came out on Valentine's Day 2018. In it, spoiled, self-centered Chantel Quejada (Janella Salvador) falls under a curse shortly after her 18th birthday when she disturbs a piece of coral just off Mermaid Island. The terms of the curse are a little vague, but basically from sunset to sunrise, Chantel becomes a mermaid: she gains a tail and is compelled to sing instead of speak.

Chantel recruits her best friend Noah (Elmo Magalona) to help out, and they come to the conclusion that true love's kiss is what's necessary to break the curse. To that end, Chantel decides that handsome hunk DJ Ethan is her true love and goes full steam ahead in trying to get him to fall for her. Meanwhile, Noah realizes that his feelings for Chantel are less that platonic.

It's a simple, lighthearted movie, and it has LOADS of callbacks to the Disney film, among them Chantel's quoting "Part of Your World", referencing Prince Eric, and a beach rescue complete with glamour shot of Chantel gazing down at Ethan when he wakes up. The film does try to be a bit subversive towards the end with some twists (namely that true love is overrated — think Enchanted or Frozen), but getting there is pretty typical. There are two underwater scenes that are brief but well-done, and massive props to Janella for emoting and looking elegant underwater.

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