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The New Adventures of Peter Pan

The CGI The New Adventures of Peter Pan is a television series that transplants the classic adventures of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Darlings and the Lost Boys into the modern era. Week to week Peter Pan collects the gang for mischief and fun in Neverland, which usually also involves thwarting Captain Hook and the pirates.

Among the many inhabitants of Neverland are the mermaids, who in this version are beautiful but dangerous creatures that are not to be trifled with. They will grab anyone who comes too close to the water of the lagoon, so visitors beware.

Watch the episodes with mermaids: Girl Power // Manipulations // Peter's Choice // Alone

A visitor told me about this TV series and the episodes where the mermaids appear, but I somehow lost their message and can't give a proper thank you... But thank you!

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