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She's From Another Planet

As far as I can tell, this Chinese fantasy-romance film also goes by the English title Mermaid School Beauty, which all things considered is a much better description, and a closer translation of the original. But most English-language mentions I've seen on the internet use She's From Another Planet, so I guess I have to go with that one?

The plot's pretty simple. A carefree mermaid named Sunny got stressed with life under the sea and decided to mix it up by visiting the surface. While there, she knocks a boat and accidentally loses a scale, which is so important for mermaids that she cannot go home without it. So Sunny goes on land and befriends two girls, Qi Qi and Amy, who teach her the ways of being a teenage girl, and promise to help her get her scale back. Along the way, Sunny draws the attention of three people: the local hearthrob Wen Zheng Xi, a girl named Luo Yilin who wants Zhen Xi for herself, and Lin Zhi Hui, a gross, fish-obsessed teacher whose boat was the one that Sunny bumped into at the beginning of the film.

Although the story moves on an oft-trod teen movie path, it has some particular similarity with Aquamarine, where two girls help out a mermaid, who attracts the local hottie and draws ire from the hottie's would-be girlfriend, plus there's a bathtub scene in the film which seems to be almost directly lifted. There's also some milder similarity with Mermaid Got Married, where the mermaid pretends to be a school student, plus she tries to get close with the hottie guy, initially just to get back a critical magical piece from, but she falls for him for real.

This movie's mainly about the school romance shenanigans, so there's only one brief underwater scene, where Zheng Xi almost drowns in the ocean and Sunny saves him Little-Mermaid-style, though funnily enough this scene has no impact on the main plot swhatsoever. We do see Sunny with her tail in other scenes, and is CGI for most of it.

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