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In the 1980s cartoon series The Smurfs, one of the Smurfs, i.e. Handy Smurf has a love interest in the form of Marina the mermaid.

Marina first appears in "Handy's Sweetheart", where she's rescued by Handy who happens to be narby in a diver's suit. Handy brings Marina to the surface, where she explains that she traveled far from home to obtain a special lilyroot that her father needs because he is sick. The Smurfs come to the rescue, vowing to help fetch the lilyroot for Marina and her father. Along the way, Handy and Marina fall in love, which is a tad complicated since they're from very different worlds.

Although the pair can't be together, they do meet again in the later episodes "Marco Smurf and the Peppers Pirates" and "No Smurf is an Island". In that last episode in particular Handy vows to leave the Smurf village and stay with Marina for good, but even that has difficulties.

Thank you to Char for letting me know about this mermaid!

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Handy's Sweetheart // Marco Smurf & The Pepper Pirates // No Smurf is an Island

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