The Daydreamer

The 1966 live-action/stop-motion film The Daydreamer by Rankin/Bass is a movie inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's stories and transplanted into a setting where Hans, referred to by his father as "Chris", is as a boy growing up in Odense with his father.

Papa Andersen is a cobbler and a loving father, and he hopes that Chris will study hard and become successful when he grows up. But Chris is a dreamer, and is inspired by Papa Andersen's story about the Garden of Paradise, where stands the Tree of Knowledge, whose blossoms will grand knowledge to whoever eats them. Chris runs away from home in search of the Garden of Paradise, and along the way dreams up various scenarios that become the "basis" for his future stories.

The first scenario Chris dreams up is of the little mermaid. In the dream Chris drowns and is found by the little mermaid, who falls in love with him and makes a deal with the sea witch to revive him. She doesn't lose her voice, but the cost is still steep, though Chris doesn't know this and rather carelessly leaves the little mermaid to continue his quest.

The little mermaid is voiced by Hayley Mills, who also sings the song "Wishes and Teardrops", while other voice actors include Burt Ives as her father Neptune, and Tallulah Bankhead as the sea witch.

Watch the movie on youtube: HERE.

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