The Mermaid Princess

This bite-sized (see: under ten minutes) Japanese anime adaptation of The Little Mermaid features a mermaid with mulberry-coloured hair, who is the youngest of six sisters. This version is highly condensed, though it does hit all the familiar beats, and even has an explanation of how merfolk don't have souls by humans do. But what really sets this adaptation apart is its unusual final fate for the little mermaid, which I've never seen in any other adapation before.

Watch the episode on youtube: The Mermaid Princess

Of note, I'm not 100% sure that this cartoon came out in 2002. I'm basing that on a DVD release I saw online, but that may be inaccurate. If anyone has further info, do let me know. And thanks to dragonflamepower for telling me about this version in the first place!

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