Studio 100's De Kleine Zeemeermin

This musical version of The Little Mermaid was staged by Studio 100, a Belgian production team that specialises in making shows for children. I previously never heard of this show, but it was pointed out to me by TLM fan Mirthe, who's to thank for the info and images on this page. According to what I've read, this stage musical is a light-hearted fun-filled piece with dazzling special effects that enable the merpeople to really "swim" among other things.

Original cast

Kim Lian van der Meij as Lieze the Mermaid
Bart Poulissen as King Neptune
Joost de Jong as Prince Barend
Dirk Lavryssen as King (The Prince's father)
Mariska van Kolck as Seawitch Annemoon
Lone van Roosendaal as Daughter Sannemoon
Raymond Kurvers as Guus Garnaal (Shrimp)

The Story (according to Mirthe): The story begins like the Disney version. King Neptune gives a birthday party for his daughter mermaid Lieze who has turned eighteen. But when a storm strikes, the mermaid saves the prince when his ship sinks. She brings him to the coast and falls in love with him. Her father forbids her to have contact with humans so she returns to the water. But then she meets the sea witch Anne-Moon (a word joke of the Dutch word for anemone) and her daughter Sanne-moon. Sanne-Moon is ugly and mean and can't find a husband. So, she trades Lieze's voice for legs. And further, we know the tale! This version of the story is based on the story by Hans Christina Andersen, but at the end, she doesn't die.

Song list

  1. Zeven maal zeven (Seven times seven)
  2. Betoveringslied (Enchantment song)
  3. Soep (Soop)
  4. Geef me vleugels (Give me wings)

  5. Verjaardagslied (Birthdaysong)
  6. Wie o wie is zij? (Who oh who is she?)
  7. De eeuwige vlam (The everlasting flame)
  8. Dit is liefde (This is love)

  9. Waarom vind ik geen man? (Why don't I find a husband?)
  10. Geef mij je stem? (Give me your voice)
  11. Ze is een mens (She is a human)
  12. Nachtegaal (Nightingale)
  13. Je bent mijn maatje (You are my friend)

  14. Ken je me nog? (Do you still know me?)
  15. Ben je gek? (Are you crazy?)
  16. Trek ten strijde (Go fight)

If you want more info on this show, check out this website.

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