Once Upon a Time - Season 6 (2017)

Ariel makes a one-episode guest appearance in season 6, where she meets fellow princess Jasmine of Agrabah.

6.15 - A Wondrous Place

In the flashback portions of the episode, Jasmine and her father the Sultan are in trouble, for the sorcerer Jafar has threatened to destroy Agrabah with his magic unless Jasmine marries him. The Sultan wants Jasmine to marry a powerful prince with an army to protect Agrabah from Jafar, but Jasmine wants to find a different solution.

Jasmine goes into the marketplace, where she crosses paths with Ariel. Ariel is in Agrabah in search of Prince Eric, who is in the middle of his voyage. Back in season 3 episode Ariel, Ariel had just missed joining Eric on his voyage, and had her voice stolen from her by Regina. The flashback segment of this episode has Ariel having regained her voice thanks to a magical necklace that also gives her legs. This has enabled her to chase after Eric in the hopes of catching up with him.

Jasmine and Ariel meet when Jasmine saves Ariel from a merchant's wrath. Ariel had unknowingly stolen a fork, but Jasmine intervenes when the merchant threatens Ariel with violence. From there, Jasmine sympathetically listens to Ariel's tale of her search for Eric, and is then intrigued because as a prince, Eric has a navy, which might be just what Jasmine needs to protect Agrabah from Jafar.

Using the magic carpet, Jasmine and Ariel find Eric's camp. With Jasmine's encouragement, Ariel goes to see Eric and confesses the truth, i.e. that she is a mermaid. At first it seems Eric is accepting, but then he starts talks about how he much loves merpeople -- especially how delicious they are to eat. Unfortunately this Eric is merely Jafar in disguise, and the real Eric is nowhere to be seen. Although Ariel wants to help her new friend protect her kingdom, Jafar magically sends Ariel back to the ocean she came from.

In episode's present time, Jasmine and Aladdin (with Hook in tow) are on the search for Jafar, who magically hid the entire kingdom Agrabah somewhere secret. Their search brings them to Hangman's Island, which is where Ariel and Eric have happily settled down together. Ariel, Jasmine and Hook are delighted to see each other again, but there's business to attend to. Namely, the reason that they're there is because Ariel's massive hoard of human things includes the lamp that Jafar (as a genie) is trapped inside.

Jafar is summoned from the lamp, and then he has a face-off with Jasmine who (thanks to the support of her friends, including Ariel) finally succeeds in defeating him and restoring Agrabah back to its rightful state. Ariel is just glad to help, and as a bonus gives Hook a magical shellphone (HAH) that allows him to talk with his love, Emma, who's back in Storybrooke.

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