1. Whatís most important to you?
Having a good adventure.
Friendship and family.
Being able to express myself without restraint.
Discovering new things.
Iím not too sure, actually.
Giving everything I have to others.
Breaking free of the rules.

2. What do you think of the song Part of That World?
I sing it almost every day! It's my theme song!
It makes me think of a certain special someone...
It makes me feel nostalgic.
I like to hum it sometimes.
Itís so yesteryear. Iíve moved on.
That song expresses everything I feel inside, and then some.

3. How far will you go for what you believe in?
By doing the best that I can when I can.
I believe actions speak louder than words. I may be quiet, but I'll act on my opinions.
Err, does talking about it with my friends count?
Iíll think about it sensibly and thoroughly, then Iíll act.
Hm. Depends on what you mean by ďfarĒ.
By voicing my opinions! Loudly! And constantly!
All the way. No question.

4. Say you make a very big mistake in front of loads of people. What do you do?
Iíd hide in my room until it all blows over.
Iíd smile sweetly and pretend it never happened.
Iíd hide under my blankets and cry. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that!
Iíd go somewhere secret and sulk.
It wasn't my fault! Really! Deny everything!
Apologise sincerely the first chance I get. I can face the music.
Apologise. Quietly. Then run. I have my pride, you know.

5. What do you think of Melodyís decision to run away in Return to the Sea?
She acted exactly as I would have acted.
Silly girl. She should have listened to her mother.
I admire her for it. I donít know whether Iíd have the guts to do what she did.
She was acting on her heart. I donít agree with her choice, but I understand it.
She was being caged! Let the girl free for crying out loud!
She thinks she has problems? As if!
You canít blame the girl for being confused, you know. Itís not like her mother tried to understand her situation.
She doesnít know a thing about what itís really like to be trapped. I do.

6. What do you fear most?
Not to be arrogant or anything, but I donít fear anything. Seriously.
Getting caught doing something Iím not supposed to.
The feeling of helplessness. *shudder*
Being trapped like a bird in a cage. I need to be free!
I avoid thinking about that sort of thing.
Getting my heart broken.
Losing someone important to me.
What I fear, I will face head on. It doesnít really matter.

7. What do you really want to do with your life now?
Find that special someone (if I havenít already).
Go new places, meet new people, see new things...
Make people understand that they cannot change me. Hah!
Spend it the best that I can.
Eek! I donít want to think that far ahead, thanks. I take things one day at a time.
I havenít the faintest idea.

8. Do you know who you really are inside?
Iím young! Iím still discovering myself!
I want to know, but I donít know how to go about finding out...
Why would I need to know all that?
I am constantly changing.
Iím still learning new stuff about myself every day.
I know! I know everything about myself! I'm sure of it!
I used to think I was sure, but now Iím confused again.

9. Would you say youíre confident?
I think so.
Iím sure I am.
I am confident when the situation requires me to be confident.
Yes. Definitely. If you donít have confidence, you donít have anything.
What has confidence got to do with anything? Itís not all that important.
No. I think.

10. At the end of the day, what would really make you happy?
Knowing that everything is as it is supposed to be.
Knowing that Iíd done something outrageous and lived to tell the tale.
Knowing Iíd discovered something new.
Being able to do something that Iíd really wanted to, and was afraid to do, but did anyway.
Knowing that Iím proud to be me, no matter what people think.
Having happy memories to look back on.
Remembering the people that are important to me, and that my life is richer because of them.
The feeling of warmth in my heart that I know has come from being able to love another.