Land of the Dinosaurs

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Flounder gets a scare.

Ariel copies the map to Lost Island of Prehistoria.

A little wheedling goes a long way.

Family vacation!

King Triton cannot get a break from Sebastian.

Ariel says that Triton needs only to think about it for the trident to shoot. As opposed to Trident True, where Triton has to say, "Trident, shoot" out loud.

Exploring the Lost Island.

Attina's not giving up the trident easily.


The rightful owner of the trident to the rescue.

A happy ending for everyone.

Whenever Ariel finds a map, an adventure's not too far behind. In this episode she and Flounder stumble upon a pre-Atlantican stone map with directions to the Lost Island of Prehistoria, which is at the Frozen North and theoretically too far to travel to by themselves.

But where there's a will, there's a way, and Ariel sneakily convinces Triton that a family getaway to the Winter Wonderland Resort in the Frozen North would be great fun. As it so happens, Triton is feeling a little stressed out thanks to Sebastian's antics, so he jumps on the opportunity to bring all seven of his daughters (plus Flounder and Dudley) on a family trip... only to have the Sebastian invite himself along.

With the whole family partaking of the facilities at the ice world resort, Ariel and Flounder manage to sneak away to explore Prehistoria. Surprise surprise, the island contains actual, real live dinosaurs, albeit ones that are frozen in ice. Ariel and Flounder intend to only study the dinosaurs, but there's an accident and Flounder is frozen in ice himself. Ariel rushes back to the resort to get help, but Triton is away. It's desperate times, so Ariel takes the trident to use it herself, though when she unfreezes Flounder, she gets the idea to unfreeze the dinosaurs as well.

After all, Ariel wouldn't Ariel if she didn't put action immediately to her good intentions. Some of the dinosaurs may look scary, but she's all about not judging anyone by their looks, even if they have sharp, scary teeth. With a few zaps of the trident, Ariel releases the dinosaurs from their icy prison. It immediately goes awry, with a T.rex stomping around threatening to bite anyone in its path, and some of the herbivores make a march in direction of the Winterland resort.

Luckily there's Humphrey the whale to the rescue, along with Triton and his newly-reacquired trident. A lesson could be learned here, except in the end Triton agrees that the dinosaurs deserve a second chance, and he completes what Ariel started, by unfreezing the rest of the Lost Island in its entirety.

Quotable quotes

Ariel:I love exploring. Don't you, Flounder?
Flounder:Yeah. Especially when we're not exploring something scary.
Attina:Isn't this place cool?
Alana:Yeah, freezing.
Flounder:What a horrible, vicious creature!
Ariel:Now Flounder, there's good in all things.
Ariel:I need Daddy's trident. Flounder is frozen in the ice!
Attina:Oh, Sebastian accidentally left Daddy's trident behind. But you know very well, Ariel, Father's trident is dangerous.
Ariel:Attina, give it to me!
King Triton:Sebastian. I know what's making me nervous and frazzled and unable to relax for even a second.
Sebastian:You do, Your Majesty? What?
King Triton:[ sees a dinosaur behind Sebastian ] Dinosaurs!
Flounder:You know, Ariel? Whenever I'm with you, I never know if I'll make it home alive. But I love you.

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