King Crab

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Sebastian writing to his parents.

The happy family visit the palace.

Sebastian gains a 'crown' and a 'trident'.

Flounder did volunteer to help, but not for this.

A council of Sharkanians.

Here Sebastian's parents are just called Mr. and Mrs. Crab, while in Wish Upon a Starfish he said their names are Clawd and Clawdia Crab.

Ariel, Flounder and Urchin getting rather peeved at Sebastian.

Sharga in his litter.

The monster attacks Atlantica.

Actual king to the rescue!

Mr. and Mrs. Crab poke at Triton curiously.

Features the return of villains Emperor Sharga and the Sharkanians.

Sebastian's big mouth lands him in trouble, but his good friends and good luck help save the day.

Sebastian truly does have a cushy job advising King Triton among other duties, and he's happy enough to share his responsibilities taking care of Atlantica with his parents, whom he writes to on the regular. One day said parents Mr. and Mrs. Crab show up in person in Atlantica, and this would normally be cause for celebration and excitement, except they misunderstood Sebastian's letters to mean that he is King of Atlantica.

It's an embarrassing situation, but Ariel, Urchin and Flounder decide to play along in pretending that Sebastian is king, since his parents will only be staying for a day. But then a Sharkanian accidentally sees Sebastian lording it up as king, and reports this to Emperor Sharga, eternal enemy of Atlantica. Sharga decides that this is the perfect time to attack Atlantica, and conjures up a magical monster to do his bidding.

In the meantime, Sebastian's new "status" and the enthusiastic praise from his parents start going to his head. He gets a wee bit bossy, much to the annoyance of his friends. That comes to a head when Sharga and the Sharkanians crash the party at Atlantica, forcing the real king to come to the rescue. That final fight between Triton and the monster is surprisingly action-packed, though the show's budget worked against it even more here.

Quotable quotes

Sebastian:So now they think I'm the king! They must have misunderstood my extremely modest letters.
Monster:Thank you for wishing for a monster.
Sharga:You'll do nicely. Or should I say, you'll do not-so-nicely.
Sebastian:Having fun, Mother?
Mrs. Crab:We havin' so much fun we decided to stay forever! Come honey, let's go brag about our son to anyone who'd listen.
Sebastian:I am offically replacing "Your Highness" with the more politically correct "Grand High Crab Guy".
Mr. Crab:You ought to hire this fellow [Triton], son. He could be a big help to you running the kingdom.
Mrs. Crab:I agree. You should give him a job. If he gets a haircut.
King Triton:I'm not even going to ask.
Sebastian:Thank you, Your Majesty.
Mrs. Crab:But we thought you were Your Majesty, sonny.
Sebastian:I am not the king.
King Triton:That's why I didn't ask.

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