Resigned to It

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Triton checks the progress of the Red Tide.

Sebastian is shocked to be left behind.

Ariel and Flounder on support duty!

Ariel honestly shocked by Sebastian's anger.

Sebastian the sea dog chef!

The Red Tide is based on a real-life phenomenon of algal bloom.

Sebastian's sea dog turns Flounder's stomach.

In a display of poise and dignity, Triton rips up Sebastian's resignation letter.

Ariel comforts her dear friend, Sebastian.

Ariel scolds her father for his bad behaviour. How the tables have turned.

Triton and Sebastian face off the Red Tide.

Features the song "Never Give Up".

Sebastian and Triton's relationship gets a highlight in this episode, where it shifts into an adorable odd couple situation, complete with passive-aggressive digs and pining, plus Ariel and Flounder being the shared voices of reason and exasperated outside POV.

King Triton's worried about the poisonous Red Tide, which is due to reach Atlantica soon. Wanting to avoid a city-wide panic, Triton takes Dudley with him to observe the Red Tide up close, and purposely keeps Sebastian out of the loop, since Sebastian is bit of a blabbermouth when it comes to secrets. (Way to take a trait from the movie and expand on it!)

Sebastian doesn't take Triton's instructions well, and decides to turn Triton's rejection back on him. He dramatically announces his resignation and, with Ariel and Flounder trying to be supportive, searches for a new destiny out there in the big, blue ocean. He tries being a cook, a salesman, and a whale teeth cleaner, but none of them take, and it isn't doing much for Sebastian's self-esteem.

Meanwhile, Triton is seemingly angered by Sebastian's resignation, but it's more a petulant kind of anger, which isn't at all kingly. Basically, Triton and Sebastian are friends! And this was a friendship break-up that neither one of them wants to address the issues of, so it's up to Ariel and Flounder to be the mature ones and help these adults get over themselves and realize that they work better as a team. Also, that Sebastian may have his flaws, but he also has heart and will stick by his friends in any hardship.

On a shallow note, this is the opener for season two and the animation is back to being on point like it was at the start of season one. Dynamic movement, lovely shading, and everyone (okay, especially Ariel) looks fantastic.

Quotable quotes

Sebastian:( writing his resignation letter ) Dear Your Majesty. I quit. That's it.
Ariel:Sebastian, you can't leave.
Flounder:Yeah, if you're not around, who will the king yell at?
Flounder:Sebastian's sea dog is terrible.
Ariel:Shh, we have to make Sebastian feel appreciated.
Flounder:Oh I appreciate him. But his sea dog ought to be buried at sea.
King Triton:( reading Sebastian's letter ) "I quit. That's it." Does loyalty mean nothing to him?!
Dudley:Do you-
King Triton:Feel bad about it? Well, of course not. I'm a king. I can get along just fine without Sebastian.
Flounder:Don't worry, Sebastian. Remember what you said: "There's nothing I can't do."
Sebastian:Let me rephrase that. I can't do nothing!
Sebastian:I'm going to start a new life... by getting back my old life!
Ariel:Daddy, we'd like to talk to you about Sebastian.
King Triton:I couldn't care less! Nothing's happened to him, has it?
Ariel:Oh, that Sebastian. He certainly is a good talker. Isn't he, Daddy?
King Triton:Yes, he does talk a lot.
King Triton:( quietly, to Sebastian ) I want you to come back.
Ariel:Um, what did you say, Daddy?
Flounder:I think he said he hurt his back.
King Triton:( louder ) I said, I want you to come back, Sebastian.

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