Christmas in the Ocean

Ariel, being a mermaid, shouldn't technically know about Christmas, but when there's a will there's a way, as seen in the mini-album Ariel's Christmas Under the Sea. Here Ariel sings about how Christmas gets translated for the world under the sea, and a non-Samuel E. Wright Sebastian joins her. This song was also in the album Disney's Princess Christmas Album.

It's likely that I've got some lyrics on this page wrong, and if so, feel free to send in corrections!


It's me, Ariel. Not long ago I found a treasure chest filled with books and letters telling all about how up on land they celebrate a holiday called "Christmas". Since then we've been making our very own Christmas, right here in the ocean.

Christmas in the ocean is my notion of fun
We take pretty sea shells and make sleigh bells for everyone
Christmas in the ocean where there's no snow and yet
Every day's a holiday

As long as there's no net

But Christmas socks are hung on rocks
They write their cards by fin
Red algae makes great holly
What a jolly mood we're in

An old chipped mast is right there
As a perfect Christmas tree
For decorations

Look, crustaceans

Right under the sea

Christmas in the ocean is a notion of joy
There's a pearl for every girl, a seahorse for every boy
Christmas in the ocean comes with waves of good cheer
Families of fish to wish the happiest new year

We slide down reefs and when we leave
A snowman, we've got sand
For schools of fish it's holiday

And they think that's just grand

We find that buried treasure makes a very lovely gift
We find the present easily, why, all we do is sift

Daddy hides the gifts he buys
All on the ocean shelf
Merpeople sing in choirs
But Sebastian, he sings by himself


Christmas in the ocean, every notion is fun
Cookies made from plankton, we all rank them as number one
Christmas in the ocean, all our friends come to call
After dinner we dance at the Christmas Catfish Ball

Our gifts are wrapped in seaweed
And if we should need a bow

We use a pretty starfish
Or an eel that we all know

The dolphins are our reindeer
And an old boat is a sleigh

And for a Merry Christmas we just sing and play all day

Come spend your Christmas day with me
Come see what Christmas day can be

You'll never miss your Christmas tree

The ocean fills with Christmas cheer
There's still no better place to be
Than Christmas in the ocean
Under the sea

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