Just Give Me a Chance

In the episode Scuttle, Ariel and Flounder meet (who else) Scuttle the seagull for the first time. at first they're apprehensive about this talkative bird, but Scuttle tries to win them over through this song.

(printable version)

Hey, wait a minute, come on back
Don't flop your flippers in a flustered flap
What you need is a plan of attack
Guess what? I got the knack

So rest assured now, don't be nervous
Say the word and I'm at your service
Satisfaction's guaranteed in advance
Just give me a chance

This fearless flying volunteer
Can baffle any buccaneer
With a dip, a dodge, a zip and a zap
I'm set to spring any trap

Wise disguises will give 'em the slip
I'm packed for action and fully equipped
To rise above any circumstance
Just give me a chance

Just because a bird's got feathers
That don't mean we flock together
Some are bad, but some are better
Take me, I'm a real go-getter

Give me a break now, let me prove it
You got a mountain? I can move it
Loosen up now, give me a try
I'll leave those pirates high and dry
Then can't escape my eagle eye

I'll put 'em in a trance
Oh, please
I'm on my knees
Just give me a chance

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