Gonna Get My Wish

This deleted song from The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea (included in the Special Edition DVD) is a villainous Morgana number with Undertow providing supporting vocals. The song is a little catchy with some swing bounce sound in there. Though it's always a pleasure to let Pat Caroll sing, just as Morgana is no Ursula, Morgana's song can't hold a candle to Ursula's magnificence. The animation for this sequence however, has an interesting brief glimpse of Ursula and Morgana's mom.

(printable version)

I shall grant her wish, and she'll grant me mine.

Wheels within wheels, loops within loops
Gathering forces to make my final - oops
Melody, darling, you are the key
To unlock the lock that holds my destiny

This piece of the puzzle
Just fell into place
For my final coup
Triton falls on his face

Gonna get my wish tonight
Whoa, that's kinda scary
Wish tonight
I hope it's temporary
Wish tonight
I'm gonna take total control
I'm gonna get my wish tonight
Oh yeah, you gonna get it
A wish tonight
I hope I don't regret it
Tonight's the night
We're gonna let the bad times roll

Oh mummy dearest, you'd be impressed
Morgana, your baby, no longer is second best
Ursula, sweetie, you blew it, and how
I'll steal the trident and seal it with an - ow

Move over, merfolk
Get out of my way
I'm carpe-ing my diem
I'm seizing my day

Gonna get your wish tonight
I deserve the power
Wish tonight
It'll be my finest hour
Wish tonight
The cringe and crawlers I demand
Gonna get your wish tonight
There's so much to think about
Wish tonight
Spread some ink about
Tonight's the night
I'm gonna make my final stand
Tonight's the night
The sea will be in my command
Tonight's the night

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