Home Is

This is a very sweet Ariel song found on the Splash Hits compilation, and I'm not too sure whether it was meant to be in the series or not. It doesn't fit any particular episode, and so maybe it was written specially for the album. It isn't a typical Ariel song in that it's slow and slightly melancholy, and only image I can picture in my head would be Ariel sitting on a rock or gazing out her window.

(printable version)

Home is
A place of warmth and wonder
Home is
The sea and all that's
Underneath the waves
We splash and play
Where angelfish roam
And sometimes being

Home is
A funny Flounder swimming
Home is
A group of guppies grinning
Floating by
Below the tide
You're never alone

When you look around and see a friendly fin
It's home
Wishin' on a starfish in the sand
Or being in a private place
That's all your own
Home's an underwater wonderland
You're always welcome

Home is
A feeling deep inside you
Home is
Your heart will always guide you
There again, to all your friends
Anywhere you roam

For home is love
And love is always home
Love is always home
Love is always home...

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